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I finished my English teaching contract in Beijing and took a few weeks off before returning to Taipei. After a two-week vacation, my trip to Japan was one of the best of my life.

Qing (Yun Shan) is a little more than an hour's drive from the centre of Fuzhou and can be reached by city bus at 5: 22 am. Renting a driver for the return journey should cost you 840 CNY840, but there are a number of other options such as a taxi, bus or even a private car.

If you want to stay in China and remain anonymous for a while, you can catch a train to Shanghai. Fuzhou also has a number of hotels and a hostel in the city centre.

Household services include a number of restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels and even a few restaurants in the city centre. Fuzhou has many hotels and hostels, some of which are within walking distance of the train station and airport, as well as a hostel near the train station.

On the Road: The Fuzhou Highway runs regular buses between the city centre and the airport, as well as a number of other routes. On the road it behaves very well, without major traffic jams and has enough space for a regular coach, which runs to the right.

Taxis are also a popular option, although it might be useful to know which route to take and speak basic Mandarin, as drivers tend to overload tourists. The old Fuzhou Railway Station is a short walk from the airport and can be reached by city buses 5 and 22.

China Unicom and China Mobile will register telephone plans for foreigners, but smaller outlets sometimes lack knowledge of them. Foreigners coming from Mainland China can apply for a visa at any Chinese embassy or consulate. All travelers who do not enter China directly must obtain a new health declaration form and repeat the tests while passing through and out of the country. Travellers travelling from other parts of China such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam are subject to medical checks and quarantine for up to 14 days.

If you have more time, you can also watch a documentary about Fuzhou's culture, such as this video about the history of the city. You can book cheap flights on Globehunters.com, but be sure to book in advance, it's easy to book through a China travel app called C-Trip.

It is hard to be sure, but in China it is very likely, and convincing customs officials could still be difficult if you try to bring it home. If you tell someone you're going to Shanghai or Beijing for a 3D2N, your aunt will probably tell you to go Bohua, which isn't worth it. It's a long national holiday in China and there's too much to see, so pick a good time and avoid it, otherwise you'll be going home with a sore throat and headache from all the food and drink in Fuzhou, which is perfectly possible in China. But if so, you'd better not tell anyone you're driving Shanghai, Beijing or Beijing because it will cause a lot of trouble.

If you are a tourist in China, you will probably have a fairly straightforward travel experience. There is a reason to book cheap airfares on iEagle for your trip to Fuzhou and other cities across China. One of the most discounted low-cost flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing - Tianjin, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Fuzzhou are all offered in travel class. If you book regularly, you can also earn award points on your flights and earn award points for the airline.

Shanghai is a great place to visit if you have a boring weekend ahead of you and nothing else to do. The modern infrastructure and supporting facilities for tourism are complete and the tourism industry in Fuzhou is perfecting itself day by day. Fuzzhou has a good number of tourist attractions such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, museums and restaurants. There are no cultural attractions in Fizhou, but it is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in China.

Many buildings are historical sites dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasty (1368 - 1911). In Fuzhou, Xiapu is the capital of the Hakka Chinese minority, whose main business is agriculture. Many of them were built during the Ming Qing Dynasty by Hakkas, a Chinese minority from northern China. Illegal Chinese immigrants, who are smuggled in from Western countries such as Japan and Taiwan, come to the Fuzzhou region to work in the construction of factories, hotels, restaurants and other businesses.

Xiamen is a coastal city south of Quanzhou and has always been considered a gateway to China. Because of this history, it became one of China's special economic zones in 1980. Pingtan (126 kilometers from Hsinchu, Taiwan) is the largest island of Fujian province and also the capital of the province and the second largest city in the country after Guangdong. It is home to a large number of ethnic minorities, such as the Chinese Hakka minority and other ethnic groups.

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More About Fuzhou